Sambalpur University: Back at Alma Mater

Sambalpur University: Back at Alma Mater


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Time: 04:00 PM (May 11, 2022)

Location: MBA Hall, Sambalpur University

I was honored to receive an invitation from my alma mater, Sambalpur University, to represent my organization, MOVSTA, at the Startup & Entrepreneurship Development Summit 2022, organized by the Sambalpur University Startup Forum (SUSF).

The incubation facilities on the campus promise to open up business opportunities in the future that we had never previously imagined! My Presentation in this session was a brief one due to shortage of time, which is captured below.

Somehow, it’s followed by an edited version of the transcript that was prepared for the day.

Good Afternoon, Dear Students Friends!

It’s a matter of immense pride coming back to my alma mater, where it had all started. This campus and the countless events we had encountered, those memories are just flashing right before my eyes! Last Month, I visited the SUIIT campus to pick up my final degree certificate and had a good two days trip to this place.

While taking the bus back home, I had assumed that to be tentatively my last trip to this place, until I received a call from my batchmate Manas, who was my roommate for the whole 4 years while we were at college and later on who turned my cofounder in building this business venture Movsta Technology Private Limited, I’m here to represent Today.

We belong to the batch of 2020, the COVID first wave affected batch which had hardly any clue regarding where to navigate in the career ladder. But, fortunately we also were the people with the risk taking abilities for being in our 20’s, more with aspirations, less with worrisome of anything such!

After graduation, amidst the confusion of Pandemic, I joined a startup in the IT industry as a Junior Program Manager, which commanded my understanding of how a business operates, that’s also in a challenging time like that. Nearly after half a year, I got along with Manas to establish Movsta, where we deal with Educational Solutions.

Eventually, there have been four registered startups coming out of the college in the year 2020-2021 dealing in industries ranging from EdTech, IT Services, Staffing & Digital Marketing. All four of us are operational from Capital city Bhubaneswar.

Getting to know about the formation of Sambalpur University Startup Forum isn’t less than any magic moment for us as alumni of this University which have shaped our characters in the formative years and would pridely considered as our roots. In the coming times, this would be a beacon of power from Western Odisha to the larger Community out there, that profitable ventures could come out of this very own Burla as well!

With an internet facility and some basic amenities like AWS server credits, a chamber etc, I won’t be surprised if my juniors in SUIIT or the new generations of SUNIV, put out their time and efforts and run a profitable business from here.

In the era of remote works, they could hire a folk from the far United States and onboard as an employee or meet their investors or export services and products abroad. Till today we were working for them, but now you can hire and employ them in a startup in Burla. This would be a paradigm shift, when the brilliant minds of silicon valley working for you! That’s a kind of change we could bring.

In this context, I always take out moments to have an honorary mention of Mr. Subroto Bagchi, who had visited this SUNIV campus just the last month. His journey from the small town of Patnagarh, Balangir to the mammoth Mindtree with near 35,000 professionals, is an inspiration forever, what are the possibilities of human life.

More people like him should be the role models of the next generation, when people are encouraged to give a shot at building ventures and what could be a better time than a student in college. So Please keep reading these people who’re visiting or coming out of this place.

Especially in the second year of college, let's say of a four year engineering degree, I consider that a golden spot, when someone is neither that new nor that old. Go, conduct a tech-fest in college. Try getting some sponsors. Understand what a powerful person is thinking.

Then only you could be confident enough in standing before the investor & asking money for your product. So, first practice some sales skills. Just like people pitching before Ashneer Grover in Shark Tank!

And never forget, every scientist & researcher is a salesperson too! He’s pitching his innovation as better than any existing solution in the world. There’s a business approach.

He/she already has already got some exposure to the environment and people, they could pull out some time to experiment with their business ideas. Even if they fail, they’ll evolve as groomed professionals and understand the importance of time & wealth.

I might request the authorities to consider keeping the entrepreneurial spirit as the core of campus, they never would have to worry again for the future of their students. They’ll find their ways. Use SUSF as the starting point & you’ll be really proud of your decision in coming times.

Well, The lush green flora of this place is something we keep missing always, once we’re away from the place. We hardly get to see such natural ambience elsewhere!

Thanks to Sambalpur University for designing this beautiful experience for us & the amazing hospitality!

Thank You, Everyone!