The Paths would cross again!


2 min read

Recently, I got an opportunity to come back to my campus after two years, where I had spent good 4 years pursuing my engineering studies.

The occasion was something special to pick my graduation degree, while the final semester was impacted by the Corona Virus back in 2020.

Somehow, this time, the experience was different…Only few handful people chose this voyage back in the memories and the journey humbled me even more than I had dreamt of!

Running through the Campus,
Seeking for a face known.

The Time has passed by,
Strolling the streets alone!

Walking through the hostel corridor,
Staring at the room so dear,

The old window screen and the wall stickers,
Proudly still standing here!

Now Someone rules that dominion,
I wish, I could comeback ever!

The outings & the chai canteen,
Reliving the moments & the emotions!

Those hugs and some tears,
The innocence & the self exploration!

The Reunion brought us home,
Though few faces stepped in the ghost!

Someone dropped me for the bus,
While someone was my host!

Holding the degree in hand,
And counting the journey we had!

Singing the glory of the people we met,
With a hope that, the paths would cross again!