Visiting My Birthplace: A Nostalgia!

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Visiting My Birthplace: A Nostalgia!


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Last week I had visited Sambalpur, a city I've lived twice. Once after my birth for some years and then returning for engineering studies, long years later on.

This time I was there with my mother to invite some of the known faces for one of the family functions at home. In that context, we arrived at the house where we were the tenants two decades back.

An old couple with smiling faces in their late 80's were waiting there for us! Their children were our dearest uncles in the childhood.

I’ve no conscious memory of staying at that place as I was very little, in fact had taken birth in that house. But yeaah, I’ve always heard good experience about the landlords.

We had spent nearly half an hour with the elderly couple & I realized the importance of strong bonding in the society. I noticed those tear droplets in the eyes of aunty, when we were leaving.

That's such rare precious moment for me in today's time, where the relationship between a tenant & landlord has turned much professional & commercial.

This was a natural tendency to come up with the request for clicking a picture of the house, where they had hosted my beloved parents in the early days of their career & I had the fortune to take the birth.

With the blink of eyes, 25 years have passed. The simplicity & genuineness shown by them, will go down long in the lessons of my life.

I was a bit worried to learn about the health issues they were undergoing at that point. I also could see the time passing by, at every moment! I wish them good health in the years ahead.

I had never felt so much love anywhere before. The kind gestures felt so natural amidst the clouds of pretentious world around. In fact, I was so touched upon the memories that, I wrote down a letter of gratitude after returning.