(3/10) Internship: Getting Homeless!


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A sudden collapse of joy came on a morning when I was getting ready for my office like any regular day. Much to my surprise, a local goon sent by the landlord arrived from nowhere with a verbal notice for every tenant to vacate the property as it had undergone some disputes with the Oyolife, which had taken it in the lease.

I was shocked for a moment. My roommate had left for his office. I couldn’t decide, what should be my further steps. Where could I find a home now? Or Did I even have the window till the evening to attend my office and get sorted with this?

But, I couldn’t trust this arrogant rowdy shouting at the doorstep. What would happen, if they break into my room and throw away my belongings and it’d be too late for me to take any action?

I couldn’t think of going back to my home that night or even can’t afford shifting to a new PG all of a sudden, as the living cost stays at its peak in a city like Gurgaon.

Fortunately, the legal team of Oyolife came into our defense in a short period and handled the matter for the moment, which gave us the space to have a sigh of relief and get back to work.

In the evening, we were shifted to one of the nearby Oyo properties in the locality, as that property was no longer a safe abode for the tenants.

Resist The Temperature, If You Can!

As I was on a short stay of two months only, the shifting wasn’t much of a hassle for me as I had very little luggage of my own. The extra space in this new room cast a ray of hope to spend the rest of my time in the city without any more issues.

Meanwhile, the air conditioner of the room had a breakdown. We tried to adjust to the unsettling heat of the city, till the time Oyolife's assistant arrived to get the AC fixed.

But, the pathetic customer service left us in that condition for the next three days. They never visited to check the issues although they extended fake promises over the helpline number.

We gave a thought to shift to another PG in a day or two, as we were permitted by Oyolife to shift anywhere within the month as we had paid the rent and the mistake was at their end for evacuating us without any notice.

So, without any more delays, we took the benefit of the scheme into our favor and shifted to a suitable property in a different locality.

Just imagine, it was going to be the fifth place (two hotels & three PGs) I had stayed in Gurgaon in just 2 months of internship! How many more flavors of life I could ask for!


This was the place from which I was fortunately not thrown out till the end! The key takeaway lesson from this would be like this:

Challenges are omnipresent. Regardless of our feelings towards them, they will inevitably cross our paths. We just can’t simply run away!