(9/10) Internship: Learning Never Stops!

(9/10) Internship: Learning Never Stops!


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The offer letter had clear mention of 15 July as the final serving day for me in the office. The day before it was a Sunday and we had witnessed the nerve trickling, yet the arguable victory by England in the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup. With a sympathy for the losing team New Zealand, I stepped outside my room to meet my responsibilities as the intern for one last time.

To make the day memorable, I had got a Letter of Gratitude for the company and the designed portrait along with me, which I offered at the end of that day.

This was a quick emotional moment for me to see everyone having a smile looking at this and querying about the thoughts involved with it.

I believed, some way or the other, this was needed to thank my other teammates who were serving from home on this project.

Finally, I was asked to put it at a place of my choice inside the cabin. I believed, it would some way or the other add on to the cultures of the organization & serve as my footprints.

Wait! The climax isn’t here! My office duration got extended for one more day, where I was invited for a small farewell party!

Somehow, I was still in the college in that time and always been a part of the events to bid farewell to my seniors, but till then I hadn’t been offered so!

The Next Day: Final Day

I had kept this day as reserve to get sorted with everything else before I fly back to my city the very next day. As, I had no more boundaries of duty to reach in time, waking up early was never a choice any more for that day!

I made my final trip to the office, where they had ordered some of my favourite dishes in the lunch. After we all had got done with it, I was offered a set of cool goodies to take back home and to offer my friends with whom we had served together.

I believe, it’s quite important in our lives, to leave the places in a little better way than we had received it! Don’t you think so?

This had turned an extended family in those two months. Without any hesitations, lemme admit this as a wonderful journey collaborating with the in-house team in the office. Coming alone to this city and going back with a bag full of the abundance of love and support from the people over here won’t ever fade out of my memories.

The soothing vibes in the office has taught me to love and genuinely care for the people around. We had joined this work with literally nothing with us to boast of and we were stepping down with a crave for knowledge and an inherent desire to make some tangible contributions to the lives around with the tools of technology.