(10/10) Internship: Sayonara!!


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At last, the day I've been eagerly anticipating for so long has come! It's time to return home, to reunite with my family and friends whom I haven't seen in the last two months. I finished packing the night before and was determined not to be late for my flight, scheduled for 11 AM.

Like any other day, I woke up and got prepared for the exit! Just one final time. I won’t have to go to the office anymore or get stuck in the pollution of the city.

Somewhere, in the midst of the heaviness of emotions, I hugged my roommate, submitted him the keys of the room and booked my cab for the nearest metro station Huda City Centre to reverse the journey till the airport which had made me arrive here.

I had only gratitude looking back at those countless faces who some way or the other have served me during my stay.

After travelling for almost an hour, finally I reached at the place where my journey had began… INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, NEW DELHI. The Indigo flight was all set to provide a comfortable journey to its customers like me waiting at the airport to board for Bhubaneswar!

Why are you, So heavy!!

My boarding pass granted me entry through the security checkpoint at the domestic terminal's departure area. A few steps further, after printing my boarding pass, I joined the queue at the Indigo baggage drop to check in my luggage.

Very soon, when my turn came, I was very politely informed by a staff, "Mr. Sourav! You’re exceeding the weight limit by 4 KG and you’ve to pay a fine of ₹1,600/-."

I had no idea, my bag had put on this much of weight in just last two months!!

Confused, I inquired if they accepted UPI Payments. However, he appeared only accustomed to handling cash transactions. He pointed me towards a nearby ATM, towards which I hurried as though everything was at stake.

Luckily, my account had sufficient funds and after making the payment, I was able to pass through the security checks.

Are you sure, it'd fly to My Home!!

The discomfort of paying an additional amount had dissolved the initial pleasure I felt from securing the ticket at a lower cost. Somehow, a little portion of my heart seemed to be vanished just to find my flight destined for KOLKATA according to the display board in this silent airport, where no boarding announcement is made.

Although a basic search of my PNR status on my smartphone turned out to be in my favour, still I wasn’t fully convinced. I felt as if, I’ve got stuck in between. I couldn’t even move back, as I’ve dropped my baggage at the counter and I can’t even fly to Kolkata!

Without any further delay, I reached out to the Indigo officials present nearby to learn this flight’s regular schedule to Kolkata from Delhi, while that day it had an exception for which it was destined for my hometown Bhubaneswar!

With a little bit of hope I waited till the time of boarding, when my tensions disappeared to find many Odia speaking folks around me waiting in the queue just like me to catch the flight.

Finally, the Indigo bus dropped us near the flight and after a little waiting period, the pilot got into action and we left the land of Delhi!

The Take Off!

Approximately an hour and forty-five minutes into the flight, the pilot announced that the weather in Bhubaneswar was favorable and that we were merely 150 kilometers from the city.

In just 10 minutes, we had landed! That moment arrived when the plane's wheels halted on the runway, and my eyes caught sight of the sign reading BIJU PATNAIK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, BHUBANESWAR.

I was safely back home, and even better, I returned with some positive changes in me as a person!


At times, I ponder whether everything I went through in merely 57 days was merely a dream or indeed reality. I attempt to remember the numerous individuals who offered me rides in their cabs, provided me with meals and assisted me when I needed it most. None of this was pre-planned. My initial expectation was simply to fulfill my duties as an intern, yet life rewarded me far beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Travelling indeed expands the horizon of a human. In fact, now I’m no more the same person in many ways!

You just leave some portions of your heart with the new places you trade into, which enlightens the soul within!

The stipend I had received was just a compliment, but the experiences would enrich me for the years to come!

Signing off!