(8/10) Internship: Downfall as a Professional


2 min read

I had got settled into the startup culture and the life style of the city where success is gauged on the basis of the noisy life style you maintain to envy others. Some way or the other, I had started turning one of those in no time.

I used to be the guy who never stopped cracking humour even at the extreme stressful situations. But, under the pressure of financial management and handling the burdens as a professional, some way or the other I had donned the mask of fake lifestyle and lost the charm of my existence somewhere in the crowd.

I had already developed a notion that, things would any way go fine, even if I don’t put much efforts. I was much interested into the glamour of the city, rather than enhancing the inner self growth.

I had got lazy enough to produce any work which would bring that wow factor to the table in the office or in my personal life.

I was literally struggling to make a design or even write a page, which were used to be cakewalks for me few weeks back. I had kind of almost lost my spark!

These things started hampering my contributions as a teammate, where I got surprised to see a clear decline in my works over a period of time. Believe me, this is the mental trauma everyone goes into when they start taking themselves too seriously and underestimate the importance of learning and regular practice.

I was no more experiencing the joy at my job and was at the verge of failure. Somewhere, I felt this needs to be stopped, otherwise I’d be vanished in no time.

Sunset has a Sunrise!

I took the bold decision to complete a conceptual portrait design covering our efforts as a team and present it to the startup with a deep sense of gratitude for their contributions.

This decision came just few days prior to my exit from the town. I had no window for any sorts of procrastination and was determined enough to uplift myself this time.

The deadline weaved the magic for me! I got done with my digital painting without much delay, which revived some bits of the lost confidence within me.

A fraction of action outperforms tall talks. So, remain a learner, for life.