(7/10) Internship: Dil ❤️Waalon Ki Delhi!


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You can’t afford missing the charms of the Delhi, when you stay in a city like Gurgaon which is just 5-6 metro stations away from it.

I had the privilege to trade through the capital various times for personal as well the professional causes.

Like every curious visitor in Delhi, I also got access through the monuments like Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid and its delicious Biryani nearby, the iconic red fort, India Gate, National war memorial, Lotus temple and the Indira Gandhi Memorial.

But, the turning point came when I arrived in the areas of the Lutyens’ Delhi, the POWER CENTRE OF INDIAN DEMOCRACY!

Rashtrapati Bhavan: The Divine Beauty!

I was quite stunned see the exotic lighting arrangement at Rashtrapati Bhavan on a fine Sunday evening. Like what a majestic beauty is this, where the president of the largest democracy resides!

Whenever I’d get down at the Central Secretariat metro station, the clear view of the presidential estate makes me take absolute pride in my decision of taking all the pains for coming to Delhi. Its memories even today, make me go speechless!

The high alert zone with the Prime Minister's Office in the South block and other ministries in the North block and the historical parliament building aside are singing the glory of the architectural beauty left behind by the rulers who’ve served this country prior to its independence.

The Unbeatable Metro

Delhi metro lines are in all true sense the lifelines of this city, reciting credits to the gentleman E. Sreedharan, widely recognized as Metro Man of India.

With an extended network across the cities with more than double hundreds stations, it stands out to be the major way for commuting inside the city, with reliable and safe travel experience.

People even with four wheelers at home, choose to opt this mode of transportation to have an edge over the traffic of this city and reach at the destination in the estimated time.

Connaught Place

A trip to Delhi, would remain incomplete, without walking through the white buildings present across the Central Park, also known as the Cannaught Place. It’s the permanent destination of hang out starting from the toddlers to the people in their late eighties and nineties.

Every single white limestone present here with hundreds of shops and people coming every now and then, depicts the story of brotherhood and epic culture of this city. It’s the Soul of Delhi, in all true senses!

Even today, when I’m back some part of my heart still stays somewhere in the metros of Delhi & the great monuments I had witnessed. I’d definitely cherish these memories for the years ahead.

You can take a person out of Delhi. But, you cannot take Delhi out of a person!