(2/10) Internship: The First Day


2 min read

With an equal blend of nervousness and excitations, I stepped inside the office of an IT startup where my reporting officer greeted me with a jovial smile and provided me the access card to get smoothly through the security hassles of the property.

Soon, I was briefed about my responsibilities and got introduced to other colleagues. When I walked amongst a bunch of geeks busy with their terminal screens with some serious debugging efforts, it didn’t take me long to find myself as the least technical person in that setup!

From the first day I realized, I’ve had many tough lessons to learn through the journey!

As we had already started working on this project, two weeks before coming to the office, so the tasks weren’t completely alien for me. Also, as we had hold several online meetings in that period, therefore the in-house team had turned familiar for me to work along with.

I was the most junior fellow in the office with everyone around me, much ahead in experience and age. I’d sometime appear like a school-returned kid!

The office arrangement was such that, you’d mostly feel like being seated inside a cafeteria or a restaurant. In addition to that, the high speed wifi, free coffee and some really humble colleagues were like the cherry over the cake! What more could I ask for in such a distant place from my home!

The peaceful environment was intrinsic and intuitive enough to let the minds focus on work. Later on, even on some weekend days, I used to stay a bit longer in the office after everyone has left just to ensure I didn’t miss out these creative vibes! I’d just put on ear phone with a track full of songs of various genres and stick to my task without any interruption.

I became aware of this day as something special, as we had the Happy Hours Party in the office. Like on some selected Saturdays, after the working hours, the staffs unwind themselves on the terrace over some sumptuous food items & drinks.

The open end discussions on life, career, relationships etc amongst the staffs in the party gave me the scope to know my colleagues in a little better manner, alongside with whom I had to serve in the coming ways.

I had got immersed in the discussion like such that, I couldn’t move out till 9 PM in the night! Soon to realize, the next day as Sunday and I had to reach my PG in time, I booked my cab and made the journey back home.