(1/10) Internship: The Arrival!


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Following a journey of nearly two hours from Bhubaneswar, the pilot shared news of clear weather and prepared for the landing. My adventure in India's capital city commenced the instant the Flight touched down at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, in the early morning.

As soon as the wheels made contact with the ground, I breathed a sigh of relief! The opportunity to fly for the first time felt like a memorable experience.

Moreover, the architectural elegance of Delhi's airport is truly commendable and merits high praise. Without further delay, I hurried to the conveyor belt, collected my trolley bag, and made my way to the exit, setting off towards Gurgaon!

Towards My Destination: Gurgaon!

I opted the yellow line route of Delhi Metro towards my destination in Gurgaon to get a flavour of this highly acclaimed public transport system. This year the metro service is celebrating its Silver Jubilee (1995-2019) & I felt honoured to arrive in a time like that.

It was a bit challenging affair to travel for nearly an hour standing with the laptop bag on my back and trolley bag near my feet as I had boarded the train in the peak morning hour, when millions of Delhites take metro to reach their work stations.

I was surprised to find people solving MCQs and going vividly through the newspapers in this busiest route of metro as a part of their preparation for government services exams, while I was struggling to grab a seat!

After an hour I deboarded at Huda City Centre, the final station on yellow line. I had reached Gurgaon, my address for the next two months!

Just in the last 4.5 hours, I had travelled approximately 1900 KM, I hardly could believe that, starting all the way from Bhubaneswar to Gurgaon! After some light snacks, an auto dropped me at my hotel, where I was supposed to stay for two nights before shifting to a PG nearby.

Wait..Twist In The Plot!

I was a bit sceptical even to go for a walk to the nearby places. I was badly missing my home, the family and the friends! Before arrival, I had an initial chat with a nearby PG to accommodate me for the two months period of internship.

But, the unexpected moment came, when the PG supervisor denied access to me mentioning no availability of room. I was literally at a state of shock to have the challenge of finding another PG at an affordable cost within the next two days, or I might get homeless in this city! I definitely can’t afford check-in to a hotel for entire two months!

I had never imagined, survival could even be an issue ever in my life!

At the end of two days, I booked another hotel nearby just for one night to find a PG somewhere in the city just to make sure I possess a stable physical address during my stay!

Somehow, I managed to find a room at an affordable price, which was neither covering the food nor the electricity.

On the early morning of the 3rd day, I shifted there room with the luggage and prepared to step inside the office as an intern in the same day.

Even with careful planning and several iterations, things can still go wrong. All that's needed to get through life's uncertainties is a bit of patience and a problem-solving attitude.