(5/10) Internship: Life in a Metro...


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I was a bit scared before shifting to Gurgaon for its rising crime rates reflected in the media. But believe me, the love that I’ve received from the locality is surreal!

The very moment I arrived in this city, I had developed an ardent desire to get socialised with absolutely everyone I’d come across, be it the waiter in the restaurant, the cab driver, the people in my office or the tenants in my PG.

They had turned an extended family for me, where I was open to meet new faces everyday. The cherry over the cake was my roommate Sandeep, who turned out to be a helping hand at the time of need all throughout the stay.

The late night outings or the mid night food delivery by Zomato were some of the best memories which I had collected during this period.

The Tech Hub

Gurgaon, the metro destination of Haryana, hosts the offices of Google and Microsoft, and boast a rich diverse culture of technology, especially in IT sectors. Every second or third person you meet on the street or in a dhaba, would have a higher probability of being a developer or tester in any grooming startup or MNC with a decent package.

For someone possessing significant skills, losing out on a job isn't a problem, since another employer just across the street would eagerly invite them to join their team.

With its multifaceted office culture, Gurgaon feels like a miniature version of India to me, attracting individuals from various backgrounds to explore their fate and experiment with new opportunities.

The Merrymaking

Even success does come with a price tag. The glamour of IT invites an array of stress and anxieties. The people with less control over their impulses quite easily fall prey to drug/smoking/alochol addictions.

This could be reflected in the culture of the city, where smoking breaks are allowed in the office hours and bars and pubs remain overcrowded even on the week days. The people have got adapted to these in order to digest the reality of life.

I won’t go into the moral sides of alcoholism, whether it should be practised or not. But, in a financial hub like this city, which grabs the attention of clients all across the world, if the people aren’t very well inside and struggling for happiness even being at the top of the organizational hierarchy, then they are literally of no use in the all-round growth of this nation.

Battle Against Expenses

The expensive lifestyle of Gurgaon had encouraged me to keep a track of each and every expenses on my smartphone on a daily basis to ensure that, I didn’t get bankrupt!

This standard practice gave me the exposure to realise the priorities and wipe out irrelevant stuffs from the life to lead a financially balanced life.

I’ve kept this practice on going even today although I’m back to college now. The key take away lesson out of this would be something like:

The best thing of an in office internship is, you spend a major time in the city where your office is located. You see, how challenging people could be! You meet the real life challenges!