When life skids!

When life skids!

The wake up call I never anticipated


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“Oh Boy! Here, take your wristwatch!” — A young man, 19 years old something, came closer & extended his hand. I was still figuring out with my blurry vision!

What were these people doing around me on a countryside road? I could sense this dirt all over my body and maybe some smear of blood as well!

What should I do next?

Should I head towards the office? Anyway, I was getting late! Wasn’t I?

But wait!! My pants were torn, multiple bruises across the body, top to bottom!

Then, would hospital, be my next destination? Or should I call the person whom I was supposed to pick up 5 mins from then on my way to the office?

So much of confusions, when you crash-land on a surface, without even flying an airplane!

“Go home, before you get unconscious!”- The chain of thoughts broke to the voice of a person in the crowd.

So, What happened 10 seconds back? Soon I realized, I had heavy scratches on the left side body. It was my scooty that got skidded, an event I had never anticipated for this morning while rushing out of home with a singular agenda to beat the traffic light for one more day & arrive at work!

But, today was different! Whether to blame the rain, the road condition, my driving skillset or a combination of all three… This would remain a mystery!

Oh Shit! My phone was switched off!! I fell on the left side, while the phone was in my right pocket! Can’t trust the device at a time of urgency, which could go into a coma with the appearance of a mini earthquake on its base! With the blood flowing from everywhere, I managed to dial two numbers.

One was the person waiting for me on the way to the office, whom I fabricated my delay for today as some important task, while the other one was my mom whom I had to deliver my news of homecoming!

The way back towards the home, with almost half senses & near blind vision couldn’t be explained with words!

What followed next was a typical painful journey of waiting & waiting a bit more to get back to normalcy. Swallowing antibiotics, applying ointments, ensuring safety from infection via taking injections and feeling rigidity in doing even tiny tasks!

Twenty minutes back, I was the busiest guy on the street with all the lofty aspirations for the day & cut to this moment, I was crying for a recovery, while thanking the people who appeared all of a sudden from nowhere in my rescue & my family who did the first-aid to cease the flow of blood!

Life came to a halt when you stayed locked inside a room for nearly a week! It was mandatory back in the COVID-19 lockdown days, but couldn’t find that suitable anymore with a wounded soul!

So, why am I sharing online about a sensitive matter like a road accident?

While applying those medicines over the bruises, feeling discomfort in simple movements and missing out on the daily discipline of walking 7+ KM/Day, are not some amusing experiences to sustain with.

The sole purpose of maintaining this digital journal is to express the very human side of my life’s experiences, which is full of its share of flaws & fortitude, tears & joy. This blog would remind me & others who read it, about, how precious this life is!

The scars on the helmet & the empty road on that day, made me feel gratitude for avoiding even larger dangers!

This event puts a brake on my craving to put on mindless accelerator at all times & instead prioritize the care for myself & the people on the streets.

I got a reality check that, it could happen to anybody!

Somehow, till the time, someone is backed by family, friends and well-wishers around, no pain is strong enough to dodge him/her down.

Because in the end, No matter what… THE SHOW MUST GO ON!