The Unknown Warrior

The Unknown Warrior


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Sir! I’m waiting below your apartment. Kindly collect your parcel” — the delivery boy spoke from the other side.

Ayaan, a teenager, was in a hurry to unbox his new smartphone.

But, he was interrupted by someone.

“Hey bro! You’ve forgotten me!” said a familiar voice from his back. He stopped for a while, before moving ahead to pick his parcel.

“Who could it be?” he muttered and looked behind.

That person was in a blue uniform standing few steps away holding a baton and with his face covered with a mask. He keeps an eagle eye over the safety of the tenants along with greeting the rich couples getting off the cars.

Fantasizing about his own slum where he returns every night after two consecutive shifts even in this unbearable temperature was one of his favourite pastimes.

Finding Ayaan today, who always waves a smile at him, wasn’t less than an oasis on this desert of summer for him! But, he was meeting him after a long gap due to the lockdown.

“I was occupied with a busy schedule, so couldn’t come down the stairs to meet you!” Ayaan tried to cover up his stand and walked away towards the delivery boy.

These words left the guard at duty of the apartment in distress!

The loud tunes of tribute for the corona warriors from the balconies on the day of Junta Curfew were still afresh in his memories!