(3/5) Echoes of Her Shadows: Struggling For Survival

(3/5) Echoes of Her Shadows: Struggling For Survival


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With much of ample efforts, Tanvi chose to express her battle with depression with the world.

While the names in this series would be fictional to protect privacy. The narrative would be in her own words & inspired by our discussions.

Notes in her own words:

It's really tough to handle everything alone. Many people in their early stages tried various remedies that seemed to work, but I couldn't understand what was happening with me.

What I've realized is that it takes some people several years to notice the effects and by then they might start avoiding it, realizing something is wrong. By that time, it's usually too late.

For me, realizing this felt like a big achievement! It's crucial not to choose the wrong path in these sensitive stages, like getting addicted to harmful habits. It's important to stay away from such shortcuts.

Substance addiction can have deeply harmful long-term effects that often go unnoticed at the time, but merely numbing the mind isn't the solution, right? I guess not.

My aim isn’t to numb my mind but to increase awareness so I can recognize and observe what's happening within me. I'm saying... I’ve realized that these are just temporary disturbances. They’re never permanent. That's why, with time and observation, they calm down. It requires a lot of practice on a daily basis.

The thing is, if you suppress too many emotions, there's a high chance that a flood of emotions will erupt in a way that can sometimes be unbearable. If you're always letting out emotions like anger, irritation, or panic, it can disrupt not only your daily life but also the lives of those around you.

There's no guarantee that everyone can maintain a constant state of normalcy, after all we are all human.

I believe the best approach is to observe your emotions and allow them to pass naturally, as they are transient. Reacting poorly can only make things worse. Sometimes, you just need to distract yourself and give it time; patience will grow with practice.

This is a temporary solution I've come up with, but it doesn't always work, especially as things were getting quite serious for me- maybe it could help beginners. Ever since I was a child, I've been suppressing my thoughts without really knowing the exact term for it.

Lucky are those who have someone to share their thoughts and feelings with, be it a partner, sibling, friend, or anyone else who listens tirelessly without necessarily offering solutions.

Although they may not always provide answers, their presence alone can provide comfort.

A friend mentioned me the other day that a single child is often perceived as self-centered, confined to her own world and for those with a tumultuous family life, it becomes almost unbearable.

A little affection, care, or attention from the outside world can be addictive. They might become obsessed with it or distance themselves entirely.

This series needs to be treated as the reflection of someone's personal journey, not as any medical advice on mental health or depression.