Letter to My University Math Professor

Letter to My University Math Professor


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I was in the last semester of my engineering career when the lockdown was imposed. I had chosen to writer a series of letters to my teachers.

In that context, the following letter is dedicated to Dr. Rasmikanta Pati, who had taught us two Papers: Math 1 (Sem-I) & Optimization Techniques (Sem-VI).


Pranaam! Hope you’re doing well in the midst of the lockdown across the nation caused by the pandemic COVID-19. Like everyone, we too are moving across a time of uncertainty for having the financial recession in the foresight which might affect the employment in an adverse way.

Somehow, having just few more days left for the completion of our graduation journey, I felt like addressing you with a letter of gratitude for supporting us in every possible way and adding memorable experiences to our engineering life. I’d appeal you to move through the below words.

The very first impression of you, which my mind has ever registered, was of the MATH-1 class in the first semester back in August 2016, when you had urged the student fraternity to become the horse of long run!

At that point of time, I might not have captured the whole significance of it, but today I could. And I’d keep this as the central idea for the growth needed in life.

The strict disciplines and guidelines of the Aryabhatta hostel imposed by you, when it was under your command, way back then have still today kept me on the path of simplicity and righteousness.

Well! Due to my negligence with the bit of MATH-1, it took me several appearances in this paper, until the time you thankfully allowed us the grace score to move ahead of it. I’d be always grateful at you for that timely help.

Our first collaboration had happened a year back during the Indian General Election 2019, when you had assigned me with the task of preparing the Odia version of the reference video uploaded by the Election commission of India.

Due to your constant encouragement over the mail exchanges and in-person, I got in touch with Soumya Ranjan Prusty bhai, a senior from MSc who managed the vocal part and I took care of the rest editing and scripting stuffs and it got prepared within a week.

Somehow, it couldn’t reach its right set of audience due to some reasons, still the journey of it was praiseworthy. I’d be thankful at you for this once in a life time kind of opportunity.

Later on, I had the privilege to deliver a talk on my summer internship experience in Gurgaon to the juniors along with few of my batch mates back in August that year, which was organized by you. I must say, that was a morale booster for me, to stand before a group of people and articulate my experience in-depth.

The industrial visits to Vedanta Alumina and SDSC-SHAR, were two pleasant surprises from your end, which we had never expected! In fact, the trip to a place like the SLV launching sites of ISRO were the things which had left remarkable impressions in our hearts. In the honour of this, I had published a detailed post on my blog, which I had shared with you few months back.

We completely realise and respect the hardships which get into organizing something of this scale for a large group of students for the enhancement of their exposure with the industry standards. We'd always be thankful at you for this.

It was an unfortunate incident to see you getting slipped from your scooty few weeks back, when I was coming from the opposite side of the road along with my friend Manas. Fortunately, the wounds were minor and I hope you had a quick recovery from the trouble.

Meanwhile, I’d like to apologize for not being able to approach the ABC academy, which you had suggested back in December 2019 to take the required coaching for the placement, for getting caught up with minor projects works and the mandatory attendance policy of the institute!

On a final note, I’d like to say…

We always feel privileged for being in your network, for your concern for the better future of the students. I hope I’d soon be able to deliver any joyful news to you on my next move with the career. With all the best wishes for your health and family, here I rest my writings… Thank You!

With Respect,


Sir's Response:

I had received a WhatsApp response from sir, which goes as below:


With my core heart blessings, I bless you infinitely. I'm sure one day you'll flourish and contribute more to your family and society. At last, I feel sorry that I couldn't approach the district administration in time for that work. When I tried, the Sub-Collector had got transferred & I couldn't manage.

Due to your sincere work, I always believe, & faith that you're on the right path and whatever will turn definitely good.

Thank You, Sourav. We hope, we'll continue our relations forever.


Thank you so much sir for all your blessings! It means a lot to me.

Regarding the certificate thing, it's absolutely alright, sir. We need not worry for that.

It'd be fortunate staying connected with you in the years ahead.

Thank You!