Letter to My School English Teacher

Letter to My School English Teacher


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In the year 2009, I entered into Class 8 in Balasore Zilla School, a Government school in Odisha. That’s where I met Mr. Gopal Chandra Nayak, a brilliant teacher in English, who turned my life around in the next 3 years.

Till that point, I sucked at English literature. Mr. Nayak apart from being a teacher in classroom used to extend home tutoring to me & my friend Spandan Pandey. In those duration, along with his acute guidance and constant encouragement from both of our parents, we evolved in the subject by the time we came out of the school.

The exposure to reading & writing became the foundation for the life thereon.

This blog came late, but the foundation came a decade before that!

Five Years after coming out of the school, in August 2017, when I was a 2nd year Engineering student at SUIIT Burla, I had sent her this letter below:

Dear Sir,

With due love & respect, I wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day. When I reflect upon the Zilla School Days with some joy, then it’s all because of your contribution to my life! I was fortunate enough to be part of your teachings, both at home & classroom.

Your handholding guidance left a strong impression on my heart. When I noticed that the teachers’ day is around the corner, I thought of writing a letter of gratitude for you. I still bet on letters which carries the value that Emails & WhatsApp don’t!

Currently, I’m pursuing my Engineering studies in the 2nd year of Computer Science in Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology (SUIIT), Burla. I’m looking towards taking a different route other than settling for a job, at the end of my graduation.

So, I’d always need your blessings to get ahead. All my happiness and progress in life belongs to you.

I’m truly thankful for helping me improving my skills in English & the efforts are still on to get better with each passing days.

I’m looking towards meeting you someday in near future & seek your blessings. Thank you, Sir!

I won’t ever get a teacher like you ever again!!

Thank you!

With Respect,


His Response:

Upon receiving the letter, I could recall, I had received a WhatsApp text from him. He had showed the letter to his students and read out as well. :) I felt honored. 😊