Letter to My College English Professor

Letter to My College English Professor


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In 2012-2014, I had taken +2 Science courseworks in College of Basic Science and Humanities, Bhubaneswar.

During that phase, I had met Dr. Madhulika Panda, a benevolent Professor, spearheading the English Department of the institution. I had taken two papers under her supervision.

3 Years after coming out of the institution, in August 2017, when I was a 2nd year Engineering student at SUIIT Burla, I had sent her this letter below:

Dear Madam,

With all love & respect, I wish you a Happy Teachers' Day.

You’re one of the rarest personalities in my life, who has left a long lasting time tested impression on me.

I had secured a second division grade in the 12th Board exam, though my performances in English papers were always rock solid.

Thus, when I recall the Basic Science Days with some fondness, the credit goes solely to you! I always carry those learnings with me for being a student in two of your courses such as: English & Alternative English.

If you could recall, I had met you last November in 2016 with Shubhranshu, another batchmate & had clicked a selfie as well in your chamber. I’ve kept those memories very close to my heart!

When I became aware of that teachers’ day is around, few days back, I thought of reaching you out by any means and say you thanks for your impact in my life. So, I chose this traditional method of letter writing as it still carries the value which Emails & WhatsApp don’t have!

Currently, I’m pursuing my Engineering studies in the 2nd year of Computer Science in Sambalpur University Institute of Information Technology (SUIIT), Burla. And, I’m looking towards making something in my life, instead of settling for a job in an MNC. So, I’d always need your blessings, love & care to get ahead.

All my happiness and progress in life belongs to you. I’m thankful at you & really love you a lot.❤️

I’m looking towards meeting you someday again, whenever you’re available and seek your blessings. Thank you, Madam!

You’re Unique!

I won’t ever get a teacher like you ever again!!

Thank you!

With Respect,


Her Response:

She called me back after the letter was delivered. I clearly remember, I was taking my lectures in a coaching class and came out to pick the call. Here's below a transcript of that:

Madam: Hi Sourav! Thank you for the letter! It’s a unique way of wishing teachers’ day. I wish Happy teachers’ day to you as well.

Sourav: Thank you! Did you receive it today?

Madam: Yeaah, around 1.30 PM. I was at college. Thank you, so much! So, what’s going on, Sourav?

Sourav: I’m in B. Tech 2nd year now. I had met you in the last November.

Madam: Is it VSSUT, Burla where you’re studying?

Sourav: No, It’s Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar.

Madam: Are they offering BTech courses as well?

Sourav: Yes! Yes! I'm in second year of Computer Science.

Madam: What is the strength of the class?

Sourav: It’s 60 in CS.

Madam: How about the placements?

Sourav: It’s fine. Only been 7-8 years in operation. So they are growing.

Sourav: So, how are you madam?

Madam: I’m fine.

Sourav: Okay, thank you.

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